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  • Megan Myers
Mr. Joseph Swallow

Mr. Swallow began his martial arts training in System 5 Combat Karate at the young age of 6. It was during this training that Mr. Swallow was introduced to Mr. Woodall who was the head instructor under Master Sensei Steve Fossum. Mr. Swallow trained off and on until the school was closed in 1998, eventually obtaining the rank of Purple Belt. Mr. Swallow then resumed training with Mr. Woodall in 2003, making him Mr. Woodall’s longest training student. He also designed and created the website for Woodall's Self-Defense and Fitness Centers.

Mr. Swallow is one of the schools two Sensei’s and veteran of our sexual assault prevention program and demo teams. Mr. Swallow holds an Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice which he received with highest honors, a Reserve Peace Officer Level II certfication from the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training, and is pursuing a career in law enforcement. He has been a valued trainer for two black belt classes and as a result is one of only four instructors who is authorized to conduct black belt training.

Joe was promoted to the rank of 1st Degree Black Belt on February 11th, 2006


Won Yuen Fa:
4th Degree Black Belt (Sensei)
System 5 Combat Karate: Purple Belt
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: White Belt
Reserve Peace Officer Certification- Level II
Associate of Applied Science: Criminal Justice
First Aid and C.P.R. for First Responders Certification



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