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Instructors of Woodall's Self-Defense

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  • Megan Myers
Mrs. Hjordes Norman

Mrs. Norman began training with Mr. Woodall in May of 2003. She chose this school because she was committed to finding a real-world, practical self-defense class for herself and her daughters in a family-friendly, fun environment.  As Program Director for WSDF she manages the Children’s Safety Awareness Program and special events. She was promoted to First Degree Black Belt on February 11th, 2006.

Her long term goal is to continue her education in self-defense and in criminal psychology so that she may better serve the community. She also wants to specialize in weapons training, including firearms, Escrima, & Nunchak
Mrs. Norman is a home-educator and home business owner. She has many years experience/education in management, business operations, childhood education, and state-certified foster parenting.  

Won Yuen Fa:
4th Degree Black Belt (Sensei)
First Aid and C.P.R. Certified



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